What is a preset?


A preset is a recipe of adjustments that are formulated to enhance an image.  Presets help take all of the guesswork out of how to edit an image and make your images look beautiful.


What do I need in order to use the presets?


In order to use the presets, you will need to have the free Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor App downloaded onto your phone or device. This is where the presets will be uploaded and you will do the editing of your images.

Apple App Store

Google Play Store


How do I install the presets?


With your preset purchase, you will also receive a step-by-step installation guide that will take you through the process of installing Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor app and each individual preset. When you purchase the presets, you will receive a link to your purchased collections for uploading into the Adobe Lightroom app.


Is there an expiration date for the presets?


No - once you receive the link from your purchase, it will be live for you to access the presets.


What devices will the presets work on?


These presets work with any mobile device that can run the Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor app, including any iPhone and most android phones. They can also be used on a desktop device through the desktop version of Adobe Lightroom.


Can I use these presets on my desktop, laptop, or iPad?


These presets have been formulated specifically for editing on your mobile device, but they can be used on the Adobe Lightroom Desktop App as well. 


Can I use the presets on pictures taken with my camera or only my mobile device?


Both - it’s designed specifically for your mobile device, but they also work just as well with any camera.

If I get a new phone, will I lose my presets?


Depending on how you transfer your phone, all the data, including your presets should transfer over as well.  When you download the presets, if you save them to a dropbox folder or iCloud, this will also help with their transfer if you get a new device.


Where do the images that I edit get saved on my phone?


The images stay in the Adobe Lightroom app until you export them.


Will I need to make any extra edits when I use the presets?


The presets have been designed to do most of the image editing for you, but some adjustments may still be required.  You may need to adjust the exposure settings in Lightroom since the exposure your photo is taken at will vary.


The presets naturally brighten your images, so if it becomes too bright, you can easily dial it back in Adobe Lightroom.  


Each preset collection also comes with our Touch Up Tool Kit. This includes 8 additional fine tuning presets that will help make any extra edits quick and easy, especially if you are new to Adobe Lightroom.  The presets in the Touch Up Tool Kit will also help address any white balance issues in the image.  Further instructions and tips will be provided in the installation video.


How will I receive the files for my presets?


Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with the link to your selected presets.  From there, you can click the link and it will allow you to upload the preset files onto your device.


How much space will the presets take up on my device?


The preset files will take up very little space - up to 2 megabytes max.


Any tips on taking photos to make the most of the presets?


A great photo starts behind the scenes!  With each preset collection purchase, you will receive a video guide with tips and techniques on how to take images in a way that will make the most of your presets.

How do your presets differ from other presets or filters?


As a professional photographer for over a decade, I’ve seen it all.  I’ve taken pictures in various locations and I have learned how to edit images for every lighting condition you can think of. I have also learned how to interpret and understand what people are wanting their images to look like, even when they can’t describe it.  It’s this experience that has helped me design and curate these presets for you.


What’s the difference between the different presets in the collections?


The different presets in each collection generally provide a soft to a more bold look, depending on your preference for the image.  Depending on the lighting conditions of the image, different presets will look better - for example, sometimes the bold preset may actually deliver a softer look depending on the conditions.


Are the presets refundable?


Due to the nature of selling digital software, this product is non-refundable and all sales are final.


Are the presets available for purchase individually?


Our Everyday and Home Collections each include 4 presets, and the Noir collection includes 3. Our preset packages make it possible for you to buy an individual collection a la carte, or more than one collection at a discounted price.


Can the link be sent to more than one email address?


The purchase link is emailed to one address and meant for downloads for only one user.


Are the steps to download and import the presets for each collection the same for the presets in the Touch-Up Toolkit?


For the presets in the Touch-Up Toolkit, follow the same step-by-step directions outlined in importing your presets into Lightroom. However, when saving your Toolkit presets in Lightroom, refer to the Toolkit Installation video (provided with your purchase), as a few additional steps are required